Sell easier, in less time
and for better prices

Originated from experience, knowledge and skills with the ambition to use technology for lean and mean working.

“Can’t the trading process be more efficient via a digital platform?” Was a question that arose within veyzle. “And if that is interesting for veyzle, why not for the entire market?” The current market mainly revolves around delivering quality according to principle, agreement is agreement. But the current process is very time-consuming, people only trade with parties they already know, so that the circle and their sales market remain small. In short, three important (trade) arguments are reliability of quality, a good price and well-known relationships.

We would like to give you 5 reasons why you should start with Port of Paper today. Would you like a demonstration of the platfrom? Do not hesitate to contact us

5 reasons to join Port of Paper

With Port of Paper

  • Greater range of providers
  • Improve efficiency
  • Quality ensured by reviews
  • Transparency in prices 
  • Let technology contribute to the future

Without Port of Paper

  • Limited to existing network
  • No insight into available niche loads in the market
  • Wasting money and time to on site visits
  • No transparancy
  • No development and everything stays the same

Little time? Prepare a draft in advance so that you can finalize and place it later

The Port of Paper offers the convenience that you can already prepare something in the portal as a concept and only have to activate everything later. How convenient is that?

Clone old deals. Just add new pictures and ready to sell

It often happens that the same quality of paper is offered.
You don’t have to keep creating a new deal.

Simply copy a previous deal and add new photos. 1, 2….and sell!

  1. Press the clone button
  2. Add new pictures (every advertisement needs unique pictures)
  3. Ready to sell!